How do I sign up for a class?

A: After looking over the scheduled classes, you can either call in (269-567-4222) to sign up for a specific class or arrange a private session, or you may fill out our contact form and we will give you call.

Where are you located?

A: We are on the second floor of the Rose Street Market Building (suite 230) right downtown, next to the Administration Building at the corner of Kalamazoo Ave and Rose Street. (Just Good Food is downstairs!) Click here for some maps.

Where do I park?

A: We provide free parking right across the street in the Arcadia ramp at Rose Street and Eleanor! (If you were standing at the front door to the Rose Street Market Building, looking directly across the street, you would be looking at the Arcadia parking ramp.) Just bring your parking garage ticket in with you and we can stamp it. If you forget your ticket, we can give you a sticker.

What kinds of classes do you offer?

A: We offer an array of mat classes and equipment classes, as well as special group classes for seniors, teens, athletes, dancers, etc.

And private sessions?

A: Private sessions using the Pilates and Gyrotonics equipment are fully customized to each client's needs and goals. This is where you will see the most improvement most quickly, because it's just you and the trainer (or you and a friend and the trainer - these are "duets").

What are your rates?

A: Group reformer sessions are $25 per hour or 5 sessions for $100
Mat sessions are $15 per hour or 5 sessions for $50
Duet sessions with a friend or family member are $30 per hour or 5 one hour sessions for $125

Counterpoint Pilates Studio
is the first studio in the area to offer a comprehensive ensemble of Balanced Body Pilates fitness equipment and certified Stott Pilates training.
  • Build core adominal and back strength
  • Develop strength, flexibility, & control
  • Alleviate pain & tension
  • Increase circulation
  • Enhance mobility & agility
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Hone dance & gymnastic skills
We offer a wide range of classes
specifically designed to individuals at all levels. From Pilates Principles, which teaches the five basic principles of Pilates, to teen, senior, and rehab classes Counterpoint Pilates provides a class that you are sure to benefit from.